Rice from local farmers in Yamaguchi area has been collected and prepared. Artists and participants of the Horyuan Ten 2011 Art Festival are invited to chew the rice and to donate it together with their enzymes, bacteria and cells with the goal of starting the biological process of fermenting the rice and therefore creating the sake in the old Japanese biotechnological way.

This project connects and contextualizes the place of the exhibition with the participants and unifies them in a project whose fruition or failure will become only clear in the future. The bottles with the fermenting sake will stay in Yamaguchi, waiting for their originators return.


現地の米農家から米を譲り受けた米を『芳流庵展2011』の参加者に噛んで吐き溜めてもらい、空気中の酵母によって発酵させた。タイトルは英語の「for the sake of it(ただそのことだけに)」を捩ったもの。米を噛んだ人は、唾液を提供することで、造酒に参加するだけではなく、酵素、バクテリア、細胞も提供することになる。展覧会最終日に出来上がった酒を鑑賞者に賞味してもらった。

2011 米, ガラス, ガーゼ, 紐

Artists who donated their eenzymes, bacteria and cells:

Mio Iizawa 飯沢美央
Yoshihide Otomo 大友良英
Oscilloscottie オシロスコッティ
Soichiro Mihara 三原総一朗
Tomoya Watanabe 渡邉朋也


Exhibited at
Horyuan-ten 2011 芳流庵展2011