BioHack Academy @ BioClub Tokyo

What is the BioHack Academy?

The BioHack Academy - or BHA - is a programme run by Pieter van Boheemen from the Waag Society in Amsterdam with the goal to bootstrap a bio lab from the resources of a fab lab. This is the third time the BHA is run, that's why you will sometimes see it referred to as BHA3.
We - the BioClub - will run a local version of the BioHack Academy, with two goals:

  • - Bringing the Bio/art/design/hack community together.
  • - Creating basic machines and hardware for the BioClub.

What is the BioClub?

The BioClub is an Open Bio Initiative, the first meeting will be on March 3rd 2016. For more information, have a look at

Where can I find out more information about the BHA?

All the resources and materials are freely available on the main BHA site:

Do I need to read/write/understand English?

The BioHack Academy in Tokyo is part of the Global BioHack Academy, with partcipating labs and hackerspaces from the Netherlands, Denmark, the United States and Japan. In order to communicate effectively, the common language is English. If it helps your understanding, you are welcome to translate the content to Japanese.

How can I watch the lectures?

BioHack Academy Channel.

Personal Projects

More information at and